What does the Hadith say about perfume when in Ihram?

by Hajj Safe

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Hajj Safe has produced this poster and the accompanying video to explain the issues around not wearing perfume while in the state of Ihram. Even shampoo and shower gel that contains perfume is not allowed while in a state of Ihram- not only perfume that is sprayed or dabbed on.

As shown in the hadiths in the poster, the wearing of perfume is clearly not allowed while in a state of Ihram. Additional evidence for this is the statement of Ibn Umar (RA), who reported that Umar (RA) smelled the pleasant smell of perfume coming from Mu'aawiyah (RA) while the latter was in the state of Ihram. Umar (RA) commanded him: "Get back, and wash it off. I have heard the Prophet (SAWS) saying: “A pilgrim must be unkempt and without any perfume."

Another mistake that people make is thinking that cannot shower at all. This is incorrect, and due to the heat it is important to shower, especially while performing Hajj, as it is strenuous and goes on for several days; however, this must involve using unscented products.

In addition, the Sunnah is to purify yourself completely before entering into Ihram, because you will not be able to do so or apply perfume afterwards. Therefore, before entering Ihram, the pilgrim should perform ghusl, after which men are permitted to apply some perfume, but BEFORE entering Ihram and putting on the garments for Ihram. This is because ‘Aieshah (RA) said: “When the Prophet (SAWS) wanted to enter Ihram, he would perfume himself with the best perfume he could find, then I would see shining traces of that musk on his head and beard after that.”

If the pilgrim applies perfume out of forgetfulness, they should wash it off once they realise their mistake, but no expiation is required, as Allah says in the Quran: “And there is no sin on you concerning that in which you made a mistake except in regard to what your hearts deliberately intend” (Al-Ahzaab 33:5).

This is why Hajj Safe has developed its unperfumed range of products, which also contain no alcohol and no animal products. Therefore, the Hajj Safe unscented liquid soap and wipes are permissible to be used while in Ihram, and if you have them conveniently to hand during Hajj or Umrah, you are unlikely to make an error, which is better.