How to wear Ihram

by Hajj Safe

The ihram is made up of two white unsewn sheets. To put it on:

  • Stand with your feet apart to create the right shape, and hold the first sheet behind you, before wrapping one length of the sheet over the other in front of you.
  • Once you have wrapped the sheet around your lower body, fold over or roll the top of the sheet several times along your waistline to keep it in place, making sure that it ends up higher than your belly button.
  • Next, take the second sheet and place it around your shoulders like a cape.
  • Make one side longer than the other, and flick the longer length over your shoulder.
  • Finally, place some pins in the sheets to keep them in place.
  • Always make sure that you have good coverage at the back for when you go into sujood in salat, and keep the bottom sheet above the navel to make sure that your awrah is always properly covered.